Nine Accelerators

Nine Accelerators

Productivity expert Ari Meisel presents the pinnacle strategies from his renowned Optimize, Automate, Outsource (OAO) methodology. Dive into this curated collection to discover the nine essential pillars that drive day-to-day efficiency. Focusing on both personal and operational growth, each accelerator provides actionable tactics to refine communication, boost productivity, and streamline processes. Whether you're a budding entrepreneur, a seasoned leader in a Fortune 500 company, or someone eager to eliminate down daily chaos, Nine Accelerators delivers hands-on tools to supercharge your productivity.

Nine Accelerators
  • #1 Inbox Zero

    At the heart of effective decision-making lies discipline. Amid the deluge of business decisions, the mantra is simple: Do, Delete, or Defer.

  • #2 Response-Ability

    In today's communication whirlwind, intentional clarity is vital. Embrace the Less Doing Communication Mindset: Precise, appropriate tools, with minimal interference.

  • #3 The Six Levels of Delegation

    Delegation, though potent, is intricate. The secret? Six Levels, spanning from direct commands to full trust.

  • #4 The External Brain

    Ideas fuel your venture. Yet, without a system, they scatter. The External Brain Pathway offers a way to capture, process, and turn your ideas into actionable items.

  • #5 Radical Transparency

    A well-designed project management system offers a bird's-eye view of your enterprise, revealing progress, bottlenecks, and efficient resource allocation.

  • #6 Account-Ability

    Accountability isn’t about pointing fingers but evolving together. It’s about establishing clear expectations, meticulous progress tracking, and a system that fosters improvement, not punishment.

  • # 7 A Perfect Process

    The mantra is Optimize, Automate, Outsource. Start by dissecting operations. Use tech not as a crutch, but as a catalyst. Finally, hand off tasks, ensuring laser-focus on core competencies.

  • #8 The DONE Method

    Recognize and respect limits. By outsourcing wisely, you magnify both your and your team’s unique talents.

  • #9 The Ultimate KPI

    The only metric you’ll really need and the definitive sign of progress toward being a Replaceable leader.